Monday, January 2, 2012

..Last Day of Year 2011..


actually, i wanna post this n3 before masuk new year..
but, as usual..
i need time! mood! and of coz..RAJIN!!
coz all this time..aku MALAS!!
so, update hari ni utk story thn lepas..
and new year's story update..later! :D

"Last Day of Year 2011"..
31st Dec - presentation for project DSP course..
but, i'm not going to story about it..not went well.. :/

just take a look at this pic..okeyy!!

pic with 1 of my best of friend..Hanim!!
we've been friend since 1999..*Diploma
close since 2002 till now..*kerja-sama
and now futher study at UTHM.. :)
look at our happy face..priceless!!

"Last Day of Year 2011"..
is also the last day of our age of 30..gulpp!!
by the year of 2012..3o + 1 uolls..ahaks~
pray we'll more wiser and happier..
this year..2012..
we'll be housemate again..YEAY!!! super like!!!
F.R.A.N.C.E Hanim!!.. :)

yg 2nd pic housemate..
Noor (tengah) and Ina (bj kurung)

they really a nice person and like sisters to me..
i tell u..dorg ni rajin gilakk!! opposite sangat2 la dgn gue..Ngee~
dorg rajin study..aku malas nak mampus..test, study last minit..
dorg rajin attend classes..aku lebih suka ponteng and tidur..
*ishh3x..teruk betul!!

yg ini pun housemate aku jgk..Anis!
she's also rajin gilakk!!
kesimpulannya..semua org rajin..aku malas..huhu..
contohnya mcm skrg ni..dorg semua tgh study d living hall..
aku update blog dlm bilik..hehe

ok la!! should stop here..c u in the next n3 guys!! :)

last but not least..


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