Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Smarter than Smartphone..


since last week aku dtg ofis..kerja aku hanyalah utk surf internet..hehe..(ini bkn gaji buta ahh..kerja aku sdh siap)..mcm2 benda aku cari d internet..tmpt brcuti..hotel2 menarik & etc..ya la kn..kerja2 aku utk semester ini sdh settle..(padahal... :D)

memandangkan aku leka n asyik masyuk ngan internet ni..aku pun mula la berangan utk memiliki sesuatu yg sdh lama aku idam2 kn..HANDPHONE baru..hehe..hp aku skrg kurang canggih..setakat terima cal..jwb cal..msg..camera pun nda brapa clear..hmm..

list HP yg aku tgk antaranya adlh..
# Nokia Nseries N86 8MP (2-way slider,2.6" Display,8 MP Camera)
# Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (3.2" Display, 3.2 MP Camera - tiru hp yg Muizz mo beli..)&
# Samsung Jet (sgt2 brkenan)..
stlh melalui tapisan2 trtentu..insyaAllah..jika d murahkn rezeki..aku akn brusaha utk mndptkn hp idamanku thn dpn..Wahahahaha...jaga ko..mana mo lari...

Skrg...Dato'/Datin/Tok/Nek/Makcik/Pakcik/Tuan2 dan Puan2 sekalian..dipersembahkan secara brtulis kpd anda..TALIPON BIMBIT IDAMANKU 2009...jatuh kpd..jeng..jeng..jeng...(ada bnyi drum la ni kononnya..)



JET demonstrates the dominant performance that full touch users expect centreing around multimedia. Speedy processor and ultra brilliant display maximise user satisfaction. The mobile of tomorrow offering consumers’ real wants in a full touch mobile.

Sleek Design

Sleek lines and subtle curves personify its ergonomic intelligence, cradling perfectly and comfortably in your hand. The highly touchable main key, a black gem-like cubic icon, is beautifully inlaid into a slightly textured matte surface designed for durability. Incorporating high-end materials and otherwise highly polished surfaces that will easily maintain its clean, pristine character for you to use and enjoy without worry.

Intuitive 3D user interface

Intuitive touch interface delivers a faster, more responsive user experience. Supported by a high performance processor, Samsung Jet lets you do what you want with the flick of a finger or wrist.

Music Player

Music lovers won’t have to compromise anymore with tiny ear buds given Samsung Jet’s built-in 3.5mm ear jack lets you plug in your trusted stereo headphones. You could enjoy the multi-format music player that accommodates all music files, especially convenient for downloads or opening music files from friends.

Ultra Brilliant Display, AMOLED

The vivid colour and outstanding luminescence of AMOLED on a large 3.1” display, with ultra high WVGA (480 x 800) resolution, maximises viewing enjoyment. You can watch movies from any angle and enjoy response time on par with the speed of light, enhancing your comfort and ease of use.

5.0 Megapixel Camera

You will benefit from a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera installed with all the necessary features to create excellent photos every time. Dual power LED provides double the light of a normal flash, flooding your subject with light when needed.

Online Widgets

You can maximise the usefulness of your mobile with different kinds of embedded widgets, adding more as needed and customised by preference via downloadable widgets.


Hit your favourite WiFi hotspot with Samsung Jet’s one-finger zoom capability and keep in touch with your online communities.

Pesanan Penaja :

ini iklan free utk Sykt Samsung..(kl aku d byr kn best..) *wink wink*


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