Monday, May 9, 2011

..Blog Makeover..


instead of i'm suppose trying harder to push myself packing things up for this semester break time..i'm trying more harder and 'semangat gila babas' for this Blog Makeover..haha..crazy rite?? make it sound more crazy to u alls..i'm doing this since i was 30 yrs old..coz now i'm 30 yrs old ++..hah!!??..of coz la darling..umur mesti meningkat..time is ticking babeh!! :D

actually kan..i wanna be the happiest 'single lady' in the whole universe..wah gitu pula??..iya betul ni..will be in the process begging, fighting and seeking for happiness..and happiness = my freedom.. :(

oppss!!! hmm..before i'm going to melalut merapu meraban here..have to go dulu la ahh.. :D

till then..hope u alls like my new Blog Makeover..chill! chill!



Vivacious O'light said...

intan h...kenapakah aku rasa 'sesuatu' ketika membaca entry ini? Everything's going well, dear?

ctk cdomp said...

i like part '30 yrs old ++' tu..
wish the happiness is yours.. =)

intanhajilah said...

farah : hmm..'sesuatu' yg ko rs itu mmg ada kesesuatuannya.. :(
gonna be fine soon..insyaAllah.. :)

ct : hehe..TQ dear!!doakan yg trbaik utk k.intan.. :)
finally ada jgk ct comment kt blog ni..i like!!! :D

Bibot said...

I don't know what happen... but trust me u can really be happy by being single. Stereotype yang orang selalu cakap...single lady selalu lonely tu bull crap... everyone will feel lonely sometimes... but as for me I rather be alone and lonely than having a partner but feel miserable all the time. Whatever it is... I wish u all the best Intan.

intanhajilah said...

TQ Bib dearest!!
that's true..totally agree with it.."rather be alone and lonely than having a partner but feel miserable all the time"..
n i wish i can be like u..enjoy sana sini keliling dunia..nnt aku minta tips dr ko.. :)

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