Saturday, March 26, 2011

..Gift 4 Myself..


i've been thinking a lot lately..
how to make myself happy n enjoying my life..
as i turn to 3 series 3 days ago..hehe..
i wanna chill!!chill!!enjoy!!menjoy!! after this..woot!!woot!!

don't get me wrong..i'm not kaciwa age aku sudah bertambah..
but, honestly i'm excited!!
pelik tapi benar bukan..tiada yg benar melainkan benar2 belaka.. :D

so, as excited i am turning to 3 series..
me also excited planning or can i say dreaming of vacation trip.. :)
even tho i realize money would become my major problem..
but still, i wanna plan something for this coming semester break..
cuti panjang gila beb..3 months ++..mesti la aku kena pegi vacation kn..
bila??..harus2 la after final exam..lambat, FOCUS STUDY dulu..
-->> lama lagi pun..mmg aku ni over.. :D <<--

ok a start to chill n make myself happy..
i bought this marvellous n superb stuff as a
Besday Gift for myself..u all wonder what it is?? C for urself..hehe..


CD + DVD David Foster & Friends - concert at Mandalay Bay, Vegas..

For those yg don't know who is this guy..David Foster is a songwriter, musician, composer n etc..(want more..wikipedia kn la diri anda)..
In this amazing concert..his friends a.k.a singers..
sing a song that written by him..
n guess what?? was spectacular..
boleh ka aku cakap?..beyond expectation..speechless..mmg terbaek wokk!!

so guys..if u all wanna witness this dahsyat punya persembahan..
apa tunggu lagi..go n get it from ur nearest CD store now..
OR..u all can You Tube..perhaps.. :D

oh ya pula..ini HIT MAN RETURNS..
maknanya..aku kena cari yg part 1 la lepas ni..HIT MAN..ngee~

till then..


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